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Supplied vs. Purchased Propane Tank Installation: Choosing the Right Fit for Your Home

Propane offers a clean and efficient way to power your home appliances and heating system. But before you enjoy the warmth and convenience, you’ll need … [Read More]


Fresh Fuel for Local Businesses!

At DiLeo Gas Propane, we’re dedicated to powering the success of local businesses throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. Just check out this … [Read More]

New Bobtail

Autism Acceptance Touch-A-Truck Event

Join DiLeo Gas at the Autism Acceptance Touch-A-Truck Event this Saturday, April 6th from noon to 4 pm at the Umass Chan Parking Lot (333 … [Read More]

It's Digging Season: reach out for a quote today.

It’s Digging Season

Ditch the Contract This Spring with Dileo Gas Propane Spring is finally here, and with it comes the opportunity to switch things up! Are you … [Read More]

Heating Costs Going ‘Through the Roof’? Here’s Why

A few times per year, our staff will be asked questions from customers regarding their propane consumption. Most commonly: “Am I going through more propane … [Read More]

Don’t Get Caught Without a Propane Generator

Now is the time to prepare for winter.  Each year, blistering cold temperatures with snow, sleet, and wind can overload the power grids or cause … [Read More]

Enjoy Fall with Propane

Each year as sweet summertime comes to a close and the crisp, refreshing air takes hold, you know that autumn is just around the corner.  … [Read More]

Propane Mowers — A Smart Choice

While the world is familiar with propane to fuel the backyard bar-be-cue grill and kitchen stoves, some people may not realize all the uses of … [Read More]

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