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Propane Mowers — A Smart Choice

While the world is familiar with propane to fuel the backyard bar-be-cue grill and kitchen stoves, some people may not realize all the uses of propane.  For instance, a propane lawnmower. If you are unfamiliar with a propane lawn mower, these boisterous and environmentally friendly mowers are becoming popular among professional landscapers and homeowners alike.  In fact, there are over 20,000 commercial propane mowers in use today in the United States.

So would a propane mower be the right choice for you or your business?  Here are a few things to consider—


Changing the propane tank on a lawnmower is the same as changing it on a propane gas grill.  Simply remove the empty tank and replace it with a full tank. If you own a landscaping business and your mower runs out of gas, you will not need to make an unnecessary stop at the gas station, just replace the canister in mere minutes and continue working.


Have you ever tried to start the mower after a long winter and the gasoline was stale causing the mower to stall?  Since propane burns cooler and more efficiently eliminating grimy build-up from gas, you will spend more time mowing than cleaning and repairing your engine.  Saving time and money.

Other cost savings of propane over gas are avoiding extra cost due to gas spills or evaporation when refueling.  It is estimated that a propane mower cost 33% less than a gas mower.


Even though by nature gasoline is a little more robust burning than propane, propane burns more efficiently resulting in a similar performance with a lower cost.


Propane mowers reduce emissions making a smaller carbon footprint.  Reduce emissions can make a healthy impact on you, your family, community, employees, and customers.


Propane mowers help you get your mowing jobs done in a quick and cost-efficient way.  Contact Dileo Gas today for more information about refilling your propane tanks.

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