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Don’t Get Caught Without a Propane Generator

Now is the time to prepare for winter.  Each year, blistering cold temperatures with snow, sleet, and wind can overload the power grids or cause downed power lines.  While we can’t control the weather and extended power outages, we can be prepared for it. A winter storm causes hazardous road conditions, so access to fuel will be limited.

A propane standby generator is the perfect way a homeowner can be prepared. Powered by propane, generators can keep the home’s power on when the primary power source is disrupted.  This allows the homeowner to be able to prepare food and stay warm when they otherwise would not.

Important tips when using a generator

  1. To avoid dangerous fumes from entering the home, always use generators outdoors and away from open windows or doors.
  2. It’s extremely important to read and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions.  Generators can be extremely hazardous or even life-threatening when not used properly.
  3. Generators produce carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from the engine exhaust.  Different from fire or smoke – CO is a deadly gas that cannot be detected by smell or sight. It is highly recommended to install a CO detector.

Propane generators are more efficient than gas generators.  While gas can gunk up and strain the motor, propane burns clean and doesn’t go stale.  Propane has a limitless life and can be stored indefinitely which eliminates the long waits at the gas pumps during an emergency.

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