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Reliable Residential Fuel Delivery

Your satisfaction is our top priority.  You can have peace of mind that Dileo Gas has the capabilities to ensure a reliable fuel supply, even in remote areas or during the harshest of winters.

In addition to reliable service, Dileo Gas provides you with:

✔24/7/365 Emergency Service, never leaving your family in the cold.

✔Highly trained service technicians and drivers with your safety as their #1 priority

✔Payment options

✔Over 26 years of experience

✔Family owned and operated

Stay Cozy with Automatic Delivery

You never have to worry about your tank running dry with automatic propane delivery.  We save you time and money by keeping your tank supplied so you don’t have to think about it! Our cutting-edge forecasting technology ensures you always have the propane you need available. Once you enroll, we will make sure you receive timely deliveries while offering you the greatest value with the lowest rates.

Check Your Tank

On-Demand Propane Delivery

With the on-demand call ahead delivery options, you take responsibility for monitoring your propane usage and tank levels. You will need to regularly check your propane tank gauge and notify Dileo Gas before your level reaches 20 percent remaining in order to have ample time to schedule a fill up.

Reasons you may choose on-demand propane delivery over automatic delivery may be that you do not use propane as your main source of heat but rather for cooking, hot water heater, fireplace insert, pool heating, generators and much more.

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